Six Classic Games from the ’90s That’d Make Cool Apps Today

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Operation Game

For all the fellow 80s babies, the newly released Tamagotchi app was super exciting. I remember downloading it as soon as it was available for Android to see how it had been reinvented and to my surprise, not much had changed. It’s only more convenient to care for your virtual pet through your smartphone instead of carrying dozens of them on your key chain. Let’s face it, those days are over.

But what about some of the other popular games during the ’90s? You know, the ones that you reminisce the good ol’ days of hours spent playing Operation or Don’t Wake Daddy without a care in the world. Here are some of our favorite ’90s games that like Tamagotchi, we’d love to see reincarnated as an app.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

You can actually purchase the updated game which is now compatible with your iPad. Place the hungry hippos over the iPad app and be the first one to munch on as many balls as you can. Purchase it at ThinkGeek to curb your hunger for this nostalgic game.



Furby is already making a comeback as an app. You can design, feed, translate, and play music with the virtual toy. You can also sync it with a physical Furby if you have one. Download it for Android and iOS.



Photo: Amazon

Don’t Wake Daddy

Take a suspenseful tiptoe through the house to avoid waking dad up in the other room. Imagine tapping the virtual alarm clock and making it around the house before time runs out!



Talkback Dear Diary

How could we forget the Dear Diary commercial? I still have memories of saving my precious thoughts in mine. Imagine using this (hypothetical) app as a journal.



Crocodile Dentist

Imagine tapping all of the teeth until the crocodile bites your virtual finger. There are a couple of apps out there that aren’t too bad. This one is the best out of them.



This would be my favorite app. Performing virtual surgery from my smartphone would be the ultimate good time.



What are some of your favorite ’90s games that you’d like to see as an app?


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