Three Gadgets for Your Modern Home

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The modern, automated home is quickly becoming a popular trend. From high-tech doorbells to soda-making refrigerators, there are enough techy additions available to give your home a modern spark. Check out some of the latest home gadgets that popped up at CES 2013 and are ready for an easy install.


The doorbell has never looked so good. You usually see video/audio doorbells in million dollar homes but the Doorbot allows you to upgrade without having to spend big bucks on installation. What’s neat about this high-tech doorbell is that you can both see and talk to your visitor. Specifically if they’re uninvited in-laws or just the mail man, you can decide whether you’re going to answer the door or not with this cool feature.

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If you’ve ever had to deal with a broken thermostat, you’ll be thankful for Nest. It’s a programmable thermostat with a sleek aesthetic, high functionality and easy installation. Nest is energy efficient and convenient, as it is compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to program it from the app. If you’re looking for sustainability, you’ve found it with this high-tech temperature controller.

Samsung Refrigerator

Always wanted to make your own soda? Samsung’s got you covered. The brand is releasing a one-of-a-kind, 36’’ four-door refrigerator that dispenses sparkling water. Courtesy of SodaStream, you can make your own soda water in-house with its 60L CO2 cyclinder right inside the refrigerator door.

Which techy home gadgets do you have your eye on?

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