Amazon to Release Original Children’s Series, “Sara Solves It”

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Amazon Studios is releasing a math show for children, Sara Solves It. The creators of the show are responsible for other popular children’s shows like Blue Clues and Curious George. Sara Solves It will follow siblings Sara and Sam on a math-based journey to solve mysteries every child can relate to. The show is designed to be both challenging and entertaining to children learning the fundamentals of math.

 “We are excited to be part of Amazon Studios’ innovative approach of getting high-quality programming directly into the hands of parents and children,” said Carol Greenwald, Senior Executive Producer of Children’s Programs for WGBH.

I am personally excited about this show because as a parent I think these types of shows are very important to a child’s success in school. This is something positive for them to watch on TV or your tablet to prepare them for a vital subject in school. Math wasn’t a strong subject for me back then and I appreciate the opportunities given to children who may otherwise find it difficult if not for these types of shows.

Sara Solves It is currently developing at least 12 pilots, and will be available for free on Prime Instant Video and Amazon Instant Video. This will be the 6th children’s pilot for Amazon Studios.

Do you think this show will help children get excited about math?

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