The Holy Grail of Screen Protectors is on Kickstarter

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The Holy Grail Series, a new line of screen protectors for smartphones and tablets by Sir Lancelot’s Armor, is on Kickstarter.

According to the company, these babies aren’t just scratch-proof, but impact-resistant as well. You can smash ’em with a hammer with no damage (to the smartphone at least, the screen protector may shatter). They also claim these things are 100% bubble-proof too, so you don’t get those annoying plastic nebulae on your screen after a month of use. The smartphone line is going for a $20 reward, while tablet and iPad Holy Grail protectors are in the $25-30 range.

Now you too can feel safe knowing trigger-happy lumberjacks won’t be able to saw your smartphone in half when you’re not paying attention:

Get your own Holy Grail protector here.

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