Is Apple Losing its Luster?

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Lack of Apple magic is a popular topic these days, from this excellent Huffington Post article to this Google+ post I commented on yesterday.

Is it just the popular thing to write about today, or is it real?

I thought Huff Post had some excellent points, especially their reminder that Apple didn’t invent technology (like the MP3 player or the tablet computer). They just made them popular. I never bought an iPod; I waited until I bought my first iPhone (which I resisted for years–I’m on my third now). When Microsoft created their first tablets, I was scratching my head trying to figure out why I’d want one. Again, I resisted the iPad for a while, but I own one now. (By the way, go check out an old episode of Babylon 5. They had tablets then that look eerily like my Nexus 7.)

So the question is, what’s the next innovation? Smart watches? An Apple TV? I’m not convinced either of those will be revolutionary enough to bring Apple back from good to great. Lots of people, myself included, have given up a watch in favor of a smartphone. I don’t miss the gadget on my wrist, and I don’t think even Apple can bring me back. TV? Gave that up years ago, although I’m probably a minority there. Even so, I don’t see television as the next great innovation, unless they’ve got some amazing feature in their back pockets.

I’m not going to count Apple out anytime soon. Their products continue to sell very well, and I anticipate they will continue to do so for years. I do think Apple could incorporate some Android elements into the operating system and keep some of their current users from switching platforms.

I’m still scratching my head, though, on what would be that next great innovation, and I’m not coming up with it. Maybe that’s why I’m still a blogger, not head of a technology company.

Anyone else have thoughts?

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