Hidden Easter Eggs Found in Google I/O Site (Spoiler Video)

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Google’s  I/O webpage, an application developer-geared resource hasn’t even launched yet. Well it has, sort of — check it out and you’ll see what I mean. Yet still, in a whimsical fashion only Google could execute so fantastically, the preview page offers a full experience of hidden page links with cool sound effects and ‘micro-games,’ if you will.

The hidden content is accessed by inserting correct patterns of clicks onto the “I” and “O,” images which cover most of the page. By pressing one the correct combinations of ‘I’s and ‘O’s, the site will redirect you to other pages where you can rock out on some Google ‘shapes,’ play Pong and some other pretty cute, fun little apps.

Spotted this morning, YouTube account TheSpidertech published a video demonstrating some (all?) of the hidden mini-adventures, also revealing the mouse click combinations that will get you to each secret page

Google’s website, which corresponds with their yearly conference of the same name is an open-source meeting place for developers, web innovators and tech thinkers.The acronym stands for Innovation in the Open and the 2013 event is set for May 15 through 17 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The I/O website is expected to launch alongside the upcoming event.

This is pretty sweet, isn’t it? You have to love Google’s sense of humor. Although not everything they do will make you smile like this, it is fun to see a bit of their unconventional style and demeanor exist outside of their office and exhibited through their services.

What’s demo’d in the video are the only I/O eggs that we know about. You guys and gals got any more? Please share them with us and the other readers in the comments box below.

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