[Video] HitBliss Streaming Video Service Pays You to Watch Ads

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HitBliss is a new streaming service that lets you rent and buy movies. On the surface, it doesn’t do anything differently than the plethora of other video on-demand services currently on the market. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find HitBliss’ secret weapon is opt-in advertising. Instead of shoving ads in your face without question, HitBliss gives you the option of watching video ads in exchange for money. You can then use that money to buy or rent movies and television programs from the HitBliss application. For the most part, you won’t have to spend a dime to watch HitBliss content. It’ll only cost you your time.

Marketers pay HitBliss to run video advertisements. If you choose to tell HitBliss a little about yourself such as your gender, age, internet browsing habits and income level, you’ll get advertisements that are a better fit for your demographic. You can also choose from different ad categories for things such as electronics, entertainment, health and more. The more information you choose to share, the more marketers will pay for your attention.

HitBliss has certain safety nets in place to protect against abuse. For example, every now and then, a pop-up will appear on screen asking you if you’re still watching the ad. If you respond, the ad will continue and you’ll also gain trust points. If you ignore it, the ads will stop and you won’t make any money. HitBliss can also detect if you mute your computer’s volume, open another program or click on another screen. After about 10-15 minutes of ads, you would have earned the maximum $5 amount. Movies typically cost between $1.99-$3.99 to rent for 24 hours. TV shows can be purchased for $1.99.

Check out our demo video to get a better sense of what HitBliss is all about. If you like it, head over to their website and sign up for the private beta.

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