Here’s a Current List of Apps To Expect and Not to Expect on BB10

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BlackBerry has always been somewhat of an outsider to what’s popular in the Apple and Android worlds, especially in the app scene. When BB10 OS was launched in January, it’s BlackBerry World proudly announced it’s over 70,000 available applications. Although that’s quite impressive for a stand-alone operating system/smartphone integrator, what about all the most celebrated applications in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store — will we see BlackBerry counterparts?

Gizmodo put together a list of BB’s biggest application launch partners and those that are currently in development for BB10 OS. It was compiled from official statements or via word of mouth from the developers, themselves. It is as followed:

Apps that are expected to be available in BlackBerry World:
Dropbox, ESPN Scorecenter, Facebook, Foursquare, Kindle, LinkedIn, The Weather Channel, Rdio, ooVoo, Kayak, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Apps that are not expected to be available in BlackBerry World:
Instagram, Netflix, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Amazon, Seamless, Yelp, IMDb, Starbucks, Yahoo, Spotify, Flipboard, Nike+, Running, Hulu+, HBO Go, Square, Pocket, ebay and PayPal

More information and a longer list is most undoubtedly likely to release itself in the following weeks. I’m a little surprised that YouTube and Netflix are not jumping on the new BlackBerry OS, to be honest. What do you think / are there any apps that you’re hoping to see on BB10?


<Source: Gizmodo>

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