HTC One Launched in Taiwan, Including 64 GB Model Worth $840

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Everything is all set for HTC One’s grand global release, especially since the entire pricing structure was revealed earlier today. The 4.7-incher has gone on sale in HTC’s native Taiwan, starting at a decently affordable 19,900 TWD for the off-contract 16 GB version.

That’s around $670, which is certainly not dirt-cheap, but, given One’s sensational spec sheet, it’s more than fair. The 32 GB variant is up for grabs for 2,000 TWD extra, bringing the grand total to $737. As for the 64 GB model, the only one that didn’t have any official pricing details attached until today, that’s worth 24,900 TWD in Taiwan, or $838.

Again, it’s a lot, but not too much, considering what you get from this big guy. It’s also less than what Apple charges for the 64 GB iPhone 5 in Asia (around $950-$1,000). And just for the record, the HTC One is probably better than the newest iPhone.

After Taiwan, the One is due out in Singapore and a couple of other Asian countries by the 15th. In mid-March, the phone should see daylight in select European countries, including the UK, soon followed by the US. America will get the fellow for $600 and up outright and starting at $200 with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile contracts.

Via [Unwired View]

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