Enhance Your iPhone5 WiFi Signal With Linkase

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Absolute-Technology-LogoThere are a lot of iPhone cases available out there today and luckily, some companies design models with a specific, unique feature, making the choice easier for consumers. Absolute Technology has done just that with the Linkase for the iPhone 5.

The Linkase is made with durable polycarbonate, shock-absorbent rubber, and non-slip leather to protect your iPhone. With every detail carefully measured and considered, Linkase wraps around your phone seamlessly while staying slim and elegant. What sets the Linkase apart from competitor cases is the built-in EMW element. Whether you are at home, in a cafe or at the airport, you can enhance your WiFi signals simply by sliding out the EMW element on your Linkase.

Linkcase 2 GrayEMW (electro magnetic waveguide) is the latest signal-enhancing technology incorporated into the sliding mechanism of the Linkase. It will resonate with your mobile device’s antenna to provide seriously improved signal performance. How much improvement can you get? Absolute Technology provides a chart based on conditions inside an apartment.

The EMW element shows the most improvement to wireless signal strength the further away from the router you are. Not only does it provide a stronger WiFi connection, the upload and download speeds can see a significant improvement.

The Linkase comes in coal black, ash gray, frost white, chili red, and Antarctic blue. You can create your own color combinations with the interchangeable EMW elements. Each case comes with an additional color to start your collection.

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