Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S IV to Feature ‘Floating Touch,’ Green PHOLED Display

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‘Floating touch’ is a ‘handy’ feature allowing a user’s finger to act as a computer cursor while it hovers over the screen. Coupled with Samsung’s Air View, which lets you quickly browse a folder’s contents without having to open the folder, has been featured previously on SPEN-compatible Samsung products like the Galaxy Note and on Sony’s Xperia Sola phone.

One practical example of using floating touch is browse photos. Hovering your finger over a folder containing photos will trigger the images to ‘explode’ out of the folder and become visible until the finger is no longer sensed. The feature is not limited to pictures of course, and it is a nice ‘touch’ when perusing your e-mails and text messages as well.

The ‘floating text’ rumor comes packaged with another, one spotlighting the Galaxy S IV screen. Apparently, it will feature a new type of display — a new AMOLED material known as ‘green PHOLED.’ Utilizing green-yellow AMOLED technology, the Galaxy’s screen is expected to be 25-percent more efficient.

SamMobile, who brought us this and many other Samsung speculations is thinking that the new display technology was hinted at in their teaser video with the extremely bright box with the ‘next big thing’ inside.


<Source: SamMobile>

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