Rumor: HTC One Availability Crippled by Issues With New Camera Technology

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No matter what side of the Android vs iOS vs BlackBerry war are you on, you have to be excited about the Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and BB Z10. These four are set to be the protagonists of the smartphone world in the first half of this year, unless…

Unless something goes really wrong with the production of one or more of these devices. And that may well be the case with the HTC One, according to KGI Securities, a Taiwan-based brokerage firm.

KGI has severely slashed its forecast of One shipments for the year’s first half, basing this new projection on sources from the inside that claim UltraPixel production restraints “will severely limit HTC One shipments”.

UltraPixel is the newly introduced HTC-exclusive camera technology replacing megapixels, but instead of driving One sales forward this could cut sales with up to 80%. That’s critical, especially when talking about HTC, a corporation that’s going through a really bad financial patch.

There’s no way to know if this forecast will prove spot-on, but apparently One shipments have already been halted in Taiwan to make room for supply in markets like the US and Europe. It’s like HTC can’t catch a break. And then there were three…

<Source: Android Authority>

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