Future Low-Cost iPhone to Pack Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor?

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Numerous different stories concerning Apple’s 2013 plans for the iPhone line have been floating around, but only a couple seem to be sticking. There will be either two or three iPhones introduced during this year, out of which one should be a lower-cost, lower-end handheld.

But here’s a crazy rumor – that particular low-cost iPhone could pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Why is this crazy? Well, because, simply put, Apple likes money. A lot. And part of the company’s business strategy has been designing its own chips instead of relying on technology from the outside and paying others to do the “dirty work”.

Sure, the A6 SoC inside the iPhone 5 is based on ARM’s v7 architecture and Samsung might have lent a hand in its manufacturing, but on the whole Apple has spent peanuts on licenses and outside help. Which probably won’t be the case if Qualcomm becomes a partner.

If the story proves legit (which we doubt), Apple will probably pick the 28 nm-based Snapdragon 400, a new low-cost chip that offers support for cellular modems, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The 800 might be another possibility, but, as snappy as Apple’s A-series CPU might be, that’s still high-end and therefore too expensive to use.

<Source: Apple Insider>

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