Water Your Garden From the Cloud with Waterall

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A smart-gardening solution by start-up Simp1e called Waterall is on Kickstarter. This Wi-Fi connected board is a crazy cheap (at least compared to current manual irrigation tech) garden watering board. Connect it to your sprinkler system and wireless network, input your garden’s information into the Waterall online software and bam, you’ve got a robo-gardener that’ll run you just $150 (if you act fast and catch one of their early-bird Kickstarter rewards).

Waterall will confer with weather information from your area to adjust its watering behavior. Going to rain? Waterall will know not to water and adjust its watering for the rest of the week. Temperature dropping? Waterall will reschedule watering for a warmer time to avoid smothering your plants with deadly frost. You can access the device from you smartphone or any internet connected device from anywhere in the world.

Check out their pitch:

Get your own Waterall here.

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