Affordable Eye-tracking with NUIA eyeCharm for Kinect

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A team of German technologists have been hard at work attempting to bring affordable eye-tracking technology to the masses. Now they’re turning to crowdsourcing for help funding their project.

NUIA eyeCharm is an eye-tracking add-on designed for use with the Microsoft Kinect. Why the Kinect? Because existing eye-tracking set-ups can cost $1000+, while a Kinect with the necessary UV camera components can be purchased for less than $100.

Attach a $60 NUIA eyeCharm and you’ve got an eye tracking system 1/5 the cost of the cheapest available. Scroll through your email without having to put down your morning coffee. Draw pictures with your eyes, or control your character in Minecraft. Trick people into thinking you’re telepathic!

The $60 award comes with an SDK, so developers can get to work making cool apps with the tech, as well as some apps made by the team. Pick up your own NUIA eyeCharm on Kickstarter here.

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