Congress May Legislate to Allow iPads in Use During Take-Off and Landing

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Want to be able to use your iPad, Kindle, iPod or other electronic device during take-off and landing? Write your congressperson and ask them to support upcoming legislation to change the rules.

According to Politico, Sen. Claire McCaskill, Democrat from Missouri, said on Thursday that she would write legislation to allow passengers to use electronic devices on all parts of the flight.

This is long overdue, and it’s ridiculous that the FAA has been dragging their feet on this, especially since they have given flight crews the go-ahead to use iPads for referencing flight manuals.

If it’s okay to use iPads in the cockpit, it should be equally fine to use them in the cabin. Even though I’m not a frequent flyer, I’ll be contacting my congresspeople about this. It’s just silly to have to turn them off and stow them, especially since I know many passengers don’t bother to turn them off.

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