GadgeTell Review: Wicked Audio Heist Earbuds with In-Line Splitter

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Wicked Audio Heist earbuds with in-line splitterIn the militant setting of urban commuting, a good set of earbuds is priceless. Denizens of the 9-to-5 march along toting their standard issue white earbuds (you know the ones) but what we have in the Wicked Audio Heist are high caliber, feature-packed earbuds, with the unique twistof an in-line splitter, all at an palatable price of $29.99.

Wicked Audio Heist EarbudsThe first thing you notice about these buds is the generous cord length. A double-edge sword to be sure as I often found myself tangled in the extra length.  Though, while stationary in the office trenches or lounging at home, it becomes a non-issue. Wicked Audio, from the looks of their literature, is gearing most of their products to the extreme sports audience. No, I didn’t shred a pool this weekend or dodge buses on my fixie, but the addition of a clip is handy for reeling in the four foot finger trap that the super-long cord became. I wager they may could suit the fitness crowd looking for something more secure. That four foot cord also boasts a splitter; the main draw of the Heist.

One rarely ends up needing a splitter but when faced with situations such as the “no inflight movie,” suddenly the splitter is the difference between a 5 hour joy ride and hair-pulling boredom. So your significant other wants to share that movie with you on your iPad or perhaps you want to impress the blue-haired girl on the train with that new, obscure British power metal band? The Heist has you covered; in gold-plate actually since the splitter jack appears to be coated in such, as is the main jack.

The Heist also boasts “Enhanced Bass” and “Noise Isolation” according to Wicked’s site.  Strong words for drivers that are 10mm but these are essentially little Howitzers. The bass output was so strong that this metalhead selected “Treble Booster” in his iPod EQ just to level the sound. So perhaps, on that note, these may be geared more towards the hip-hop or EM crowds but don’t let that drive you away. With a little EQ magic on whatever player you prefer, these buds can suit your listening needs. And while noise isolation is hardly worth mentioning in this category, the Heist managed to cut down on the chatter from loud-talkers on the train and even obscured most of that coworker’s conversation with his proctologist. Bonus.

Cutting out external noise with the Heist is also infinitely more attainable with the included buds for small, medium or large ears. Testing the fit made me wish for so many years back of trying to fit those white showerheads Apple calls earbuds into my auditory sensors. Who would have guessed that I have small ears?  The fit not only seems to aid in noise isolation but better sound since the audio is directed straight into my ear canal.  (Warning: careful with that volume!)

All told, the Heist are a versatile set of buds with a wide range. I believe the additional features afforded put it ahead of most other choices in this category and price range.


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