Fujitsu and NEC Reportedly Planning Tizen-Based Smartphones for 2014

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How familiar are you with the Tizen name? Not very much, right? Well, the open-source operating system never looked awfully special, until we heard Samsung was interested in developing smartphones using the platform.

Tizen was suddenly a big deal, with some (not so reliable) sources even telling us that Sammy was planning to completely ditch Android for the new OS. Although still very much a work in progress, the Tizen project is also backed by Intel, while Fujitsu and NEC are apparently looking for a piece of the pie themselves.

But what pie? I mean, is the new platform a real threat for Android? How about iOS? Probably neither. But BlackBerry and Windows Phone might soon have competition for the last spot on the mobile OS podium.

Getting back to Fujitsu and NEC, the two are not expected to come out with Tizen-based devices very soon. Instead, they’ll probably wait for Samsung’s first foray in the new niche, so 2014 is the most realistic ETA at the moment.

As far as specs go, we don’t have any shred of information yet, but we’re guessing the two won’t be pushing their luck with high-end phones from the get-go. Meaning that maybe Tizen is going to be a danger for Android in the low-cost sector of the mobile market.

<Source: Unwired View>

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