MobileKids App Ensures GPS Tracking Safety

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The older my son gets, the more protective of him I become. Often I think of how soon he’ll have his own cell phone and how I will be able to monitor his activity and time on the Internet. For parents who are currently in this stage of your child’s life, luckily there’s the MobileKids app. Mother and entrepreneur Silje Vallestad created child supervision application that allows parents to monitor their child’s cell phone use and location via GPS without eavesdropping on their conversations — but all the while, still ensuring their safety.

“Our mobile solutions provide parents with a greater degree of assurance about a child’s safety while using mobile phones,” Vallestad said. “We aim to help parents define limits for a mobile generation much like parents did in previous generations when the only phone in the household was a landline attached to a wall.”

mobilekids appMobileKids app

Some of the customized features include:

  • Control of which apps your child downloads, and block the ones you don’t want them to have access to.
  • You can set what time during the day they’re allowed to use their phone.
  • Includes a one-click button allowing your child to alert you when they feel lost or unsafe. The GPS feature also allows you to determine their exact location if they’re away from you.

You can also receive daily reports on how much time your child is spending on their cell phone, what time of they use it, and how many apps they’ve downloaded.

MobileKids is available for both Android and iOS. Sign up before April 1st to get the app for free.


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