Cruxlight Distills Web Pages Down to Keywords and Summary

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Want to get the gist of a webpage or article without reading the whole thing? Cruxlight might be the extension for you. It’s a full release for Chrome and a beta release for Firefox.

When you load an article in your browser, Cruxlight serves you up a summary of the article. You can choose from short, medium or the full article. It will also give you relevant keywords, which you can click on to view in either the summary or the original. By the way, this makes it a pretty good tool for bloggers who want to quickly check the keywords in their articles.

Here’s a screen shot showing the original article with the Cruxlight overlay, including highlighting and the toolbar at the bottom.

You can see the keywords at the bottom of the page, and a scroll bar for increasing and decreasing the amount of highlighting. While that’s useful, it’s the next screen that has the real value. Click on “Change Mode” near the bottom right, and you get this screen.

Here’s the full summary of the article, including the options to view short, medium or original. The keywords are on the right side and clicking on any of them brings up a screen with all the keywords and location in the article. You can also see, down at the bottom of the screen, an option to save to Pocket or Evernote. Nice for saving for future reference. And you have to love the “Time Saved” option. Yes, I can save more than 11 minutes by reading the summary. I deliberately selected a long article for this example to illustrate the potential time savings by using the extension.

However, even if you aren’t looking to save time on your reading, it can be a good research tool. Researching a topic and find a bunch of articles that look promising? View them in Cruxlight and check the summary and keywords. Those should let you know which ones are worth reading further or saving for later.

Has anyone else used Cruxlight? Want to share how you’re using it in the comments?

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