Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Have Five-Inch Screen and Eye-Tracking Feature, Says Bloomberg

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About twenty-four hours from Samsung’s “Unpacked” event Thursday, where they’ll debut their updated Galaxy S IV flagship, Bloomberg news did a little reporting on the high-tech smartphone, legitimizing certain rumors and laying others to rest.

Firstly according to Bloomberg’s sources, the Galaxy S IV will feature a 5-inch display. This makes yesterday’s video leak seem somewhat more valid — definitely something to think about.

In the U.S., the S IV’ll pack a Qualcomm processor and in other countries, the company’s new powerhouse, Exynos 5 Octa.

Regarding the micro-processor — as an American, I feel rather gipped! With such hype built around the ARM/Samsung collaboration since it’s unveiling at CES in January, I can foresee it’s absence in the states stunting overall S IV sales, to some degree. You can’t build people up just to let ’em down, Samsung.

Also, Bloomberg reports that although the eye-tracking rumor that has been circulating is likely to be somewhat true, we jumped ahead of ourselves somewhat. The futuristic technology that would allow the Galaxy S IV to scroll through pages based on the user’s eye movements may appear in Samsung handsets down the road.

But inside the S IV, we can expect less-advanced eye-scrolling. To use Bloomberg’s examples, the phone may feature the ability to pause video playback when sensing the user’s eyes drift off screen or using Samsung’s Smart Stay function, the S IV screen will remain brightly lit as long as it senses the viewer’s eyes focused on it.

So, my fellow mobile analysts, rumor-circulators and smart device observers — if Bloomberg’s report is correct, we haven’t been too far off in our speculations building up to tomorrow. Then again, we’ll really see how on-point we’ve been in New York on Thursday.


<Source: Bloomberg via The Verge>

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