Confirmed: HTC One Release Delayed in the UK, New ETA is March 29

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The inevitable has happened, folks. As suspected, HTC has pushed back the One release due to mysterious production issues with the new ultrapixel camera. For now, the new high-end smartphone is only delayed in the UK, but we’re expecting other markets to suffer as well.

According to Clove, the HTC One is expected to start shipping on March 29, which is two weeks after the initially planned release date. That’s not too serious, you might think, but something tells us the 29th is not set in stone either.

Also, we’re guessing the supply is going to be severely limited at first, so if you’re thinking of purchasing the One you should arm yourselves with plenty of patience. It could be a month or even more until you can get your hands on the 4.7-incher, so maybe you should look towards the Sony Xperia Z or the soon to be revealed Samsung Galaxy S4 as backup options.

That’s actually HTC’s biggest concern right now, even if the Taiwanese can contain the production woes in a couple of weeks. The Xperia Z is out and about, the S4 could go up for sale really soon, the BlackBerry Z10 as well, so why would anyone want to wait for the One?

<Source: Clove>

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