Facebook Updates Timeline, Single Column Layout and More Focus on Personal Interests

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On Wednesday, the social media of social media sites, Facebook, announced some improvements to the platform’s infrastructure. And how could it get any better, you ask? Well, for starters, the website is rolling out an slicker look for its personal Timeline feature and most importantly, it’s provided an easier, more integrated way to express and share your interests with friends.

Now combining all of a user’s interests: music, TV shows, movies and books, into one section, Facebook has likewise made it easier to add interests to a user’s profile page. They will now be able to add their favorite movies straight from their Netflix or Flixster account; for books, they can use their Goodreads application.

If you see a mutual interest on your friends’ page, simply add it to yours with the click of a ‘+’ button. It will automatically be filed into the correct section: music, book, movie, etc.

These updates can be expected to go live within the next few weeks.

<Source: Facebook Blog>

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