SwiftKey Warns About the Risks of Pirating its Apps

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swiftkeySwiftKey, the company behind the immensely popular Android keyboard of the same name, took to its website today to discuss piracy. More specifically, it wanted to discuss piracy of its applications in particular. SwiftKey is aware people are going to find an APK of its apps somewhere online, but it warns them they may not get what they bargain for if they install the pirated app(s) on their devices.
Whenever you download a paid application from unofficial sources, there’s always the chance of that app being altered. Hackers can insert malicious code into the APKs that perform tasks without anyone’s knowledge. In SwiftKey’s case, the hackers can do something that puts someone’s privacy at serious risk. Hackers can include keylogging software in a pirated version of SwiftKey. That means everything you type is being recorded and sent back to the source. Needless the say, passwords, emails and private messages could end up in the wrong hands. The only way to avoid this with absolute certainty is to purchase and download SwiftKey from official channels such as Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

There’s also a moral stance to consider. It takes time and money to develop applications and offer continued support. Stealing applications literally takes money away from developers. If you want to continue to good applications, pay the creators for their work.

Source [SwiftKey Blog]

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