Fan Publishes Samsung Galaxy S IV Software Highlight Reel Ahead of Official Debut (Videos)

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As Samsung’s official Galaxy S IV announcement draws near, we’re just a few hours  from catching the first glimpse of the company’s newest updated flagship phone. Published Wednesday night, the same YouTube user who leaked us that first Galaxy S IV video yesterday gives us three quickies — each one spotlighting a new Samsung smart feature. Check them out below.

The first video previews the Galaxy’s Smart Pause feature, which is basically that eye-tracking software, which carried major speculation in recent weeks. Quite simply, while watching a video on the S IV, turn your eyes off the screen and the phone will sense the broken eye contact, pausing the video. Well, alright then.

Next up, we have what Samsung is calling Floating Touch. This is that other big rumor that was circulating. Remember — the touch-less navigation feature? Hover your finger over the screen, specifically over a file folder and out comes it’s contents for a quick view. Without needing to touch the display, you’ll be able to view folder contents or if used with a photo set, the image will blow up for a better view.

Lastly is a spotlight on the Galaxy S IV’s new lock screen. Nothing too exciting. Now, the Galaxy S keeps the time clock and date on the left side of the screen, in a cleaner, smaller font. Visually, it’s in tune with the rest of it’s slick, quick and handsome aesthetic.

It is definitely a point of interest to recognize that the two main features presented here were first rumored about for some time now. In a way, these videos are just helping to perpetuate these speculations until showtime in New York later today. We’re expecting much more from Samsung than just these new additions (that we kind of already knew about) and we’ll keep you in the loop as they are revealed.

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