A Petition to Save Google Reader Acquires Over 45,000 Signatures

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Google Reader

There are a lot of people that are upset with Google over its decision to eliminate Google Reader in July. Not content with moving on without pleading a case, a man named Dan Lewis formed a petition that has managed to get the electronic signatures of 45,193 supporters. If the signatures continue to come in at this rate, the petition to keep Google Reader alive will reach well over 50,000 today.

Lewis’ reasoning for wanting to see Google reverse its decision is shared by many. He wrote even though he doesn’t use Google Reader as much as he used to, it’s still a big part in his daily internet consumption habits. He theorized the reason Google Reader lost a lot of users was due to extra features that Google took away.

For what it lacks in design, Google Reader handles volumes quite well. It’s easy to scroll through a huge list of feeds without getting caught up in fancy layouts. You get headlines, a picture and text in a straight vertical line. It’s not pretty, but it works.

There’s no guarantee Google will go back on its plans, but it doesn’t hurt to try your luck. If you want to see Google Reader carry on, sign the petition.

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