Google Reader is No Longer Available in Google Play

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We knew Google was no longer fond of Google Reader judging by Wednesday’s announcement. We just didn’t think Google would start erasing it from the present so soon. If you try to look up Google Reader in Google Play, you’ll find it’s no longer there. Seeing as how Google Reader isn’t expected to die for another four months or so, it’s difficult to understand why Google is so anxious to bury it.

Be that as it may, it’s time to start finding replacements. A lot of RSS readers link directly into Google Reader to quickly sync feeds, but that won’t be possible once Google Reader goes away. Fortunately, feedly is developing a clone of the Google Reader API that other developers can use. Another option is Newsblur. NewsBlur became very popular yesterday. It became so popular, it’s having trouble keeping up with all the new traffic. NewsBlur’s developer is working to make everything run smoothly in the foreseeable future. You can’t create a free account right now, but that feature will be back up eventually. Current free users have also seen a reduction in the number of feeds they can subscribe to.

Press is a very popular application that ties into Google Reader on Android as well. It too will utilize “a new backend solution” before Google Reader leaves us. Other options include gReader, Digg and Reeder. These two services aren’t fully cross platform, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for that option.

I’m sure we’ll see other solutions soon. We’ll keep up on as many of them as possible.


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