Samsung Unveils Galaxy S4, Super Smartphone and “Life Companion”

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At roughly a quarter past 7 p.m., New York time, Samsung’s J.K. Shin’unpacked’ what his company had been building anticipation for — what was supposedly “one of the greatest products to hit the market since TV’s went color.” To a packed Radio City Music Hall and around half a million live-streamers on YouTube worldwide, he launched the new Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship smartphone and the potential underdog that will shake the ground iPhone the Great walks on.

With much talk of everyday smartphone use, their responsibilities in the lives of their users and the ever-growing capabilities existing within them, Shin boasted that the new Galaxy “helps us get closer to what matters.” In other words, the S4 is personal and as tailored to their users as they need them to be (sounds a lot like Apple-speak, doesn’t it?)

As always, Samsung throws a lot of powerful features at their customers at once and the S4 may be the company’s most impressive to date. Combining top specs in the hardware and Android department, two of the smartest new features found on the new Galaxy are S Translator and Drama Shot. Two completely different, unrelated strengths but both awesome and intriguing all the same.

Using Samsung’s translation software, a Star Trek-esque like exchange between two people in conversation but while speaking different languages may occur. Myself, a speaker of English could talk to a friend or business client who speaks only French and our phones will do the rest. The software can automatically translate a few languages including Japanese and Spanish.

Drama Shot is something that could turn an iPhone photographer into a ‘Galaxy’ person. It can take a hundred shots in four seconds, then instantly create a collage of them. Who gets the most exposure to cellphone snaps, really? Babies and cats, right? Drama Shot could be a handy asset in both assignments.

They could then use the Story Album software to turn the collection in a hardcover book with text and the cloud-based HomeSync to store and view it from their Smart TVs at home. The Galaxy’s new S Voice Drive is an electronic voice software that acts a lot like Apple’s Siri.

Overall, the new Galaxy S4 is a huge statement for Samsung and although no release date was announced, we’re sure the saga will continue to roll out by the hour. As always, we’ll keep following. Stay tuned for more news, reviews, announcements and further thoughts and Galaxy S4 information.

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