Samsung Unveils Entry-Level Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo Smartphones

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With all our attention focused on Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S4 launch, we were bound to miss a couple of less significant stories. Like the unveiling of two other Sammy smartphones – the humble Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo.

Introducing the duo the same day as the world’s best smartphone sounds a little… well, dumb, but it’s not like people interested in the S4 would ever go for something as modest as the Star or Pocket Neo.

The two are lower end than low-end, with tiny, low-res screens, awfully laggy processors and pitiful cameras. Yet they run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out the box, so, if priced correctly, they’ll surely break some hearts in emerging markets. Also, they mimic Galaxy S3’s design pretty nicely, except for, you know, the size.

As far as we can tell, there’s not much to set the two apart, aside from 3G connectivity, available only on the Pocket Neo. They both come with 3-inch QVGA displays, 850 MHz single-core processors, 512 MB of RAM, dual-SIM support, 4 GB of on-board storage, microSD and 2 MP cameras.

No words on pricing and availability for now, but we’re guessing the duo will only appeal to first-time smartphone users in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.


<Source: Sammy Hub>

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