Alleged Sony Xperia SP Render Leaks Out, Looks Like the Real Deal

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While Samsung was unveiling the company’s “next big thing” and LG and HTC were diabolically plotting their “thermonuclear” wars against the big kahuna, Sony was quietly doing its own thing. Which was make sure the Xperia Z and ZL would reach as many tech enthusiasts as possible.

Oh, and they were also prepping the Xperia SP debut, rumored to happen early next week, on the 18th. The SP is not a flagship device per se, but it does look like it could fit quite nicely in that gap between high-end and mid-range.

We’ve been hearing about the fellow’s specs and features for a while, but what we didn’t have was a clear, high-quality image starring the SP. Now it appears we do, although we can’t be sure the leaked pic with the Chinese imprints is the real deal.

If it is, what we’re dealing with is a fairly elegant Xperia ZL lookalike with a slightly smaller yet not as compact body as the 5-incher’s. The horizontal bezel seems a little thick, but we don’t expect that to be a deal-breaker.

As for the rumored specs, let’s recap them one more time – 4.55-inch 720p screen, dual-core 1.7 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 MP camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 16 GB of on-board storage, microSD support.


<Source: Unwired View>

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