Samsung Galaxy S4: Six U.S. Carriers at Unknown Launch Date, Hitting U.K. April 26 with Late-March Pre-Orders

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So there haven’t been any official dates announced for the new Galaxy’s U.S. debut. Though we have an idea of where we can expect it and that’s some useful information.

Some time in April, Samsung announced on Friday, their Galaxy S4 will be made available for six major mobile carriers in the U.S.: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket, U.S. Cellular and Verizon. It won’t all happen in one shot though. As speculations have been placed for next month on the majority of providers, late adopters are expected to roll out the S4 as late as May 2013.

Pricing information isn’t yet available but we’re hoping for the the new Galaxy to land in the same $200 ballpark as it’s S3 predecessor. T-Mobile, the most outspoken on about their plans with the new Samsung flagship, have put up a pre-registration page linked to their website, here.

As of now, Galaxy fans in the UK are a bit luckier than us in the states — the sole LTE carrier over there, EE, has announced a release date of April 26. Pre-orders will become available March 28.

The Galaxy S4 will support 327 mobile carriers in 155 different countries, available in both 3g and 4g LTE versions.

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