Samsung Galaxy S4 Offers Wireless Charging

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samsung galaxy s4 wireless chargerWith all of the buzz around the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch yesterday, this new device is clearly a force to be reckoned with. One of the newest accessories designed specifically for the S4 is a wireless charger. This is a new trend in the mobile space and Samsung is a master at innovation.

All you have to do is place your new S4 on the special pad–at any angle– instead of having to plug it into the wall. The pad has Qi capabilities, in that is charges your phone via electromagnetic induction. This is super convenient, especially if you’re in a spot that doesn’t have an outlet. I often charge my phone by plugging it into my laptop via USB, however the wireless charger doesn’t rely on any other device.

This nifty accessory has a few contingencies. It has to be available in your region, and supported by your cell phone carrier. Check out a live photo of it on Engadget.

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  • S3 Mama

    I have a S3 and was waiting to upgrade to the S4 so I can get the wireless charging (hate plugging in at night), but found out it’s a $100 add-on. Then I found the Monster Watts Stealth Qi wireless charger SET for $40, and it comes with the S3 wireless receiver which fits under the phone’s back, plus the charger is S4 compatible. And yesterday they announced that they will accept the S3 receiver for trade-in when the S4 one is available.

  • Christina Jones

    @S3 Mama I was wondering the same thing, as I also have an S3. Thanks for the tip!