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Who doesn’t like “free” money? How about free money just for using an app and doing the things you’d normally do?

That’s the idea behind mPoints. I discovered them when I downloaded the updated version of the Weather Channel app. I’d never heard of them before, but I’m always willing to try out something that can get me free Amazon credit.

What are they and how do you get them? Basically, you get mPoints when you use an app. For example, in the Weather Channel app, you can get points by

  • opening the app
  • launching it through the widget
  • watching videos
  • viewing various map overlays

And more. Some of the activities are definitely things you’d do every day (like launching the app). Some you might have to make a point of doing (like watching videos,) but they aren’t difficult and won’t take up too much time.

Most activities get you between 5 and 25 points, and the least expensive reward (a $1 Amazon gift card) costs 2,000 points, so you’ll not be getting rich using mPoints. I’ve been using the Weather Channel app for about three weeks, and I just started using the app last week. Yesterday, I finally accumulated enough points to order my first $1 gift card. According the app, I should have it by Wednesday.

To keep you interested, the apps have various daily challenges for bonus points. They also introduce you to point-earning features you might not have tried yet. A curious feature is “leveling up.” Complete 10 accomplishments (point earning activities), and you’ll level up, which in both of my apps gets me a bonus 15 points. According to the mPoint FAQ, some apps give you different rewards for leveling up.

For what it’s worth, I’m currently Level 8 in Weather and Level 9 in Dictionary (it’s easier to get points in Dictionary). As a long-time Dungeons and Dragons player, leveling up gives me an odd sense of accomplishment, even if the reward is minimal.

And yes, you can totally game the system. For example, a point-earning activity in is sharing a word. You can share via Facebook, Twitter or email, and there’s nothing stopping you from sharing it with yourself.

I have found the feature to be a bit buggy in both apps. For example, while I was writing this post, I was “watching” a video in the Weather Channel app. When I went to claim my reward, the app locked and said I didn’t have an Internet connection. My tablet was accessing the Internet with no problem, so my guess is it’s a problem on the mPoint server.

However, other than a few hiccups here and there, I’ve found earning points to be fun, and now, rewarding.

You can find a complete list of mPoint-enabled apps here.

Anyone else use earning points and want to share tips and tricks?

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  • Jennifer

    A trick I found is once I accumulate my daily points & they cut me off till the next day (which really resets every night at midnight EST) is to go to their home feed & tweet for an additional 10 points. Since I have about 20 of these mPoint apps, that 10 points sure adds up pretty quickly if tweeted in each individual app but make sure you tweet only after you’ve been cut off from the daily limit. PS- right now they have added an addition 10 points for tweeting a Valentines Day card. I love mPoints. I’ve been averaging just a little bit below 2000 pts a day. I’m saving for the big prize; the Kindle Fire

  • AG


    I have been using mpoints for a month and make enough to reward me something nice every month from Amazon. The thing to remember is that not all games are the same. Some games give more mpoints than others.

    I found the Android App “Guess the Phrase” to be very rewarding in terms of giving mpoints.

    Just search for mPoints on Google Play and you get the list of apps that can earn you points ! Thought I would share it with everyone.

    • Jennifer

      I agree AG, some apps award a bigger amount of points. TMZ is one that’s extremely easy & doles out high points. Trailer Addict is another, along with Nexersize.
      I’m on an Apple phone but it doesn’t seem to matter because as you said, I did a Google search & all the apps listed were for Google play but I found the same apps/games in the App Store, so cool cool cool. :))
      PS- Are you referring to ‘what’s that phrase’? I just DL it last night.
      PPS- I’m saving for their biggest prize; the Kindle Fire tablet. Hey, I’m half way there ;))

  • http://TheWeatherChannel Janet Carroll

    I check out the weather channel everyday, & so does my husband! He’s always interested in what the day is gonna bring because we stay at the LAKEHOUSE 99% of our time & love to fish & I like to keep up with the latest news!!! NEVER, HAVE I SEEN ANYWHERE ON THAT SITE, where you can earn MPOINTS & I’ve always heard it & I’ve looked but never have found it!!! Can anyone tell me how you go about getting your MPOINTS? I have the app downloaded on my IPAD! Would that be the problem, because the only other device I have is my cell phone which is an AT&T I-5 phone, since is dropped my I-4 in the lake recently!!!! Can someone please help me with this?

  • JRenee

    The mPoints are only available through the app, not the website. In the menu you should see “mPoints Rewards.” But it has to be through the app, not the website.

  • Kevin k

    Janet you can find m points in your moble settings.