Google Will Package Chat Services, Rebrand as ‘Babble’

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According to report from, Google is allegedly planning to unify all of their chat services and condense them down, naming the group ‘Babble.’ Currently, the company offers many different messaging services under many different names including: Google Talk, Voice, Hangout, Messenger and Google Chat for Drive.

The article cites that “multiple sources” have confirmed Google’s plan to unify these communication services, as they hardly interact with one another at this time. All of the chat services will soon be pushed into a single platform, allowing users to keep the same chat window across all of the Google products. Features such as sharing photos, connecting with people in your contact list and such will then be available for all avenues via Google Babble.

Presumably, the name ‘Babble’ was chosen in reference to the ‘City of Babel,’ where in the bible, a single, unifying language was spoken by all of it’s inhabitants.

There’s no date as to when this plan will begin rolling out but the company is expected to unveil the plan at Google’s I/O event in May.


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