Samsung Confirms a Smartwatch in the Works

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First it was rumored that the connected watch was ‘Apple’s idea’ (though third-party startups like Pebble and VEA brought it to life,) then that went the way of the ‘Facebook phone.’ Now it appears that Samsung is on the wearable smart device tip. And they are serious about it, according to a statement on behalf of a mobile VP at Samsung.

Executive vice president of mobile, Lee Young Hee, told Bloomberg that his company has “been preparing the watch product for so long,” despite speculations of Apple’s iWatch in the works; implying that the Korean company has had the device in their sights prior to those rumors.

Hee kept any further details hushed, such as a product name or functionality but he did say that among the products that Samsung has plans for in the future, “the watch is definitely one of them.”

Check out some mock-ups below, created by product designer Johan Loekito, who worked on the collaborative project with Samsung Design America in the Fall of 2009. All photos are credited to the artist. See more of his projects, here.

<Source: Bloomberg via Slashgear>

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