Samsung Galaxy S4 Officially Priced in Germany and UK, Unofficially in Italy and USA

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We can’t say that Samsung has surprised us by “forgetting” to mention any pricing specifics when announcing the Galaxy S4, as it’s customary to leave out such details at first and then let them slip gradually in order to maintain hype.

And, right on schedule, the first pricing news have come our way in the past couple of days. According to an insider, Italy will be getting the Exynos-powered version of the S4 with an 8-core processor for €699, with a European warranty, or €100 less, with an Italian warranty.

In Germany, Amazon is already taking pre-orders for the phone, with the 16 GB Snapdragon 600-based version with LTE on-board listed at €649. Meanwhile, there are two British online retailers that also accept pre-orders, one of which is set to sell both the on and off contract GS4 models.

MobilePhonesDirect has the S4 listed at £564.99 in a SIM-free flavor, while if you want to tie yourselves up to 24-month carrier agreements, you can get the 5-incher for no upfront payment with O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile. Unlocked-Mobiles only has the GS4 off contract, but pricing is a tad better – only £529.98.

As for the US, we’re yet to hear something official on pricing, but, based on a contest’s rulebook, the retail value of the GS4 is either $579 or $650. We think the latter is closer to reality, but of course fingers crossed for the former!


<Source: Android Authority>

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