Magnetyze Your Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 for Wireless Charging

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Magnetyze-LogoBuQu Tech has announced it will include the newly introduced Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone to its line of magnetic-enabled cases and charging accessories. The design will reflect the sleek look of the Samsung Galaxy S4 while providing protection against nicks, bumps, and everyday wear and tear.

The case is easy to install, and the built-in magnets lets uses attach the phone to any of the chargers without worrying about connecting any cables. The phone is held in place by the hands-free magnetic desk stand. The 360-degree rotation means you can view your phone in horizontal or vertical alignment while it’s charging.

Magnetyze Charging_HandThe company said it also will offer the Magnetyze Extended Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4, an upgrade that will provide protection while virtually doubling the phone’s battery life. It will also feature an automatic charging function that eliminates the need for an on/off switch.

The charging accessories are universal, so when it is time to upgrade to a new smartphone, only the protective case needs to be replaced. The desk stand, car charger, wall charger, magnetic charging cable and other Magnetyze-branded accessories will continue to work with any available Magnetyze smartphone case – Android or iPhone.

“As smartphones play an ever-larger role in the everyday lives of millions, Samsung’s latest advances the state of the art,” said Ophir Marsh, CEO of BuQu Tech, which introduced iPhone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy III users to the Magnetyze family of products in 2012 and will make them available to iPhone 5 users during Q2. “Our Magnetyze line of protective smartphone cases and chargers are the ideal solution for consumers who appreciate the power of magnetic and the convenience of being able to ‘grab and go.’”

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