Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 Priced in India and China, Seem Cheap Enough to Make a Splash

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Not many would have wagered on Nokia ever coming back from the dead after the resounding Symbian flop, but the Finnish are on their way towards building a strong portfolio of WP8-based smartphones.

The latest additions to the new Lumia family are far from impressive, but their success is still key for Nokia’s financial comeback. After all, budget-friendly smartphone sales are on the rise, especially in markets like Asia and South America.

Now the Lumia 520 and 720 have been officially priced in India and China, looking more and more like hits in the making. The first of the two will go for 11,599 INR ($214) in India and 1,399 CNY ($225) in China outright.

As for the higher-end Lumia 720, that’s due out in India for a starting price of 17,000 INR ($312). In China, we don’t have any official word on pricing for now, but rumor has it it’ll go for the equivalent of $330, give or take a couple of bucks.

The ETAs are close to being set in stone in India (the end of March for the 520 and April 27 for the 720), while in China we again have to rely on rumors and guesstimate the 520 will land by mid-April and the 720 in early May.


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