Adblock Plus 1.1 for Android Available

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If you’re a fan of Adblock Plus, you were probably disappointed earlier this month when Google removed it (and other ad-blocking apps) from the Play Store because it violated their terms of service. Well don’t worry because you can still get it direct from the developer.

The biggest goodie of this update is automatic updates, which means you’ll barely notice that it’s gone from Google Play.

Scanning through the comments on the announcement post, it looks like users of some devices were having trouble downloading and installing the app from a browser, but the developer tracked down and fixed the problem, so you should have no problems. Excellent customer service from the developer. They are to be commended for responding so quickly, both to the download problem and with adding auto updating so soon after being removed from the Play Store.

What are you waiting for? Go download the updated version now!

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  • mike wn5pmr

    Thanks very much for this info. Have used AD in the past, decided to try and conserve a bit of tablet real estate. See how it works.

  • Juli Monroe

    You are most welcome. Hope you like the new version.