Tech21 Brings Their “Impactology” Protection to New Galaxy S4 Case Line

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Impact Snap with Cover

Providing laboratory-designed and tested impact protection using the company’s patented D3O shock-absorbing material, Tech21 expands their protective smart device case line to the upcoming Galaxy S4. And with Samsung’s flagship launch expected next month, the London-based ‘impactologists’ will likewise roll out three “Impact” cases, each model specially created to safeguard your prized Galaxy.

Tech21’s proprietary D3O is a distinct type of polymer that you won’t find anywhere else. Soft to the touch, the orange goo pushes any impact force (from dropping or knocking your device) away from the electronic. (See video below.) This way, if the unfortunate occasion happens when your S4 slips out of your hand and lands onto concrete, you can cringe a bit less knowing that it’ll still be in fine, working condition when picked back up. D3O provides something like “a permanent, protective hug for your devices,” as the company describes it.

Impact Mesh case.

Their new Impact Snap Case comes in black, white or purple and is priced nicely at $29.99. A version with a side-hinged cover is five bucks more and available in black, white or pink. With easy clip-in functionality, installing your new Galaxy is a literal ‘snap.’

The Impact Mesh case for Galaxy S4 is more of an all-around protection model. Slightly thicker, the Impact Mesh covers all sides and the back of the S4, designed “with a minimalistic look and feel to provide maximum protection,” without getting in the way of the phone’s functionality. It will be available in smokey or clear color options and is likewise priced at $34.99.

When it comes to protecting your “Life Companion,” you need to do it with an accessory that you can trust. Don’t waste money or time on anything inferior to Tech21’s D3O specially-designed super strong protective material. The company’s Galaxy S4 case line will be released at the smartphone’s release in U.K., April 26th. Stay updated by visiting the company’s website.


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