Google Keep is the Company’s New Note Taking Service

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google keep

Google may have recently decided to do away with Google Reader, but it just launched a new service called Google Keep. Google Keep is a note taking service that utilizes the same cloud storage utility that’s found in Google Drive. With Google Keep, you can take notes (by hand or voice), create checklists and set reminders for yourself. Every note you take will be synced across all your devices. There is also an Android app available that comes with a lockscreen widget and a homescreen widget. The Google Keep app is compatible with all Android devices that are running Ice Cream Sandwich and up.


You can also assign specific colors to Google Keep posts. For example, shopping lists can be green and work-related reminders can be blue. Whatever color you assign the post will be reflected in the Android app and on the web. The Android widget will colorize the entire background of the note in the color you choose. It’s not a dull looking widget for sure.

Go ahead and give Google Keep a try. You may encounter some connection problems on the web and in the app. My guess is these are typical growing pains that will be sorted out soon. All I know is it’s great to know I don’t have to rely on Google Calender to keep track of all the little things anymore.

Source [Google Blog]

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