Elroy Earbuds Are Smart, Stylish, and Less Tangly

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Elroy WearingWe all know that the absolute worst thing about earbuds is the cord. They’re typically prone to tangling and refuse to stay neat for very long, hence all the products available to easier manage them by winding or wrapping them up.

Some earbuds are even designed to resist tangling too. What’s common about these solutions is that they try to make the cords tolerable and less of a hassle. Timbuk2 founder, Rob Honeycutt, knows there is a better way, and that way is to eliminate the cord itself.

Elroy Style 04The Elroy earbud design starts with  the bottom 2/3rds of cord being removed and replaced with a Bluetooth unit that can clip to your clothing. There are similar products already available on the market, but the Elroy Project takes it steps further by adding style and functionality.

The Bluetooth receiver has magnetic docking points which provide a secure location to keep your earbuds untangled and quickly available when you need them. The docking points perform additional useful functions, like answering a call when an earbud is removed or terminating a call when it’s replaced. This works with music as well.

The Bluetooth connectivity works with up to 7 separate devices. Other features include volume buttons, a built-in microphone, and a Micro USB charge port. All this weighs about as much as two quarters.

Anyone and everyone who has been frustrating with earbuds while running or exercising should love to have this as a gift. You can visit the main website,, to view the 6 different styles to choose from. Otherwise, hit up the Kickstarter page to back the project and get something nice for you or someone else.

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  • steve mcmahon

    rob honeycutt is a scam artist and thief. He’s stolen the ks money and also the money people paid for a finished product at when people ask him on social media when to expect a product or refund he blocks them. I’m going to sue him and get him locked up for theft but first i’m going to shame him. He applied for 6 patents on a new LLC using his same home address but a new name snik all the info you need is here in my blog post. email me for a follow up story