Get Steady Video with your Smartphone Using Mojoflocam

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A tongue-twister of a name for a device if there ever was one, Mojoflocam is a steadicam for use with smartphones now campaigning on Kickstarter. In layman’s terms, this thingamajig gets rid of the unsightly shakiness that comes with a typical handheld shot. Its attachment works with any smartphone as well as the following cameras:

– Go Pro Hero
– Panasonic Lumix T210
– Panasonic DMC-TS3
– Canon Powershot
– Casio Exilim Ex-ZR700
– Fujifilm Finepix F900EXR
– Nikon Coolpix S9500
– Olympus Stylus XZ-10
– Pentax Q10
– Samsung WB800F

With smartphone cameras becoming more and more capable of quality video, I think this is an excellent idea. Especially for budding filmmakers who already own smartphones, or the Youtubers out there whose channels could benefit from a bit of field video work. The Mojoflocam gives you that professional touch without the crazy price (compare a $640 Merlin to the $125 reward for a Mojoflocam).

Then again, if you have the tools and time you could always just make your own steadicam.

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