Google Glass to Allow the Blind to “See”

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Okay, I thought this was seriously cool. Android Authority has an article about Google Glass allowing the blind to “see.”

It will work like sonar, giving the user an idea of where objects are around him or her in space. Apparently there’s already existing technology to do this (vOICe app for Android). Google Glass could improve upon this by being hands-free and providing a head mounted camera that moved with head movements (lots more convenient than waving your phone around).

Here’s a raw, but still interesting, video showing vOICe to grasp objects.

I admit I’ve been a bit skeptical about Google Glass, and all the parody videos I’ve seen haven’t helped that. But this seems like an exciting application for the technology that doesn’t creep me out.

And come on. Surely you thought Geordi too when you read the headline?

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