BlackBerry To Release Four Phones in Total During 2013, Including an “Exciting” Flagship in Q4

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Even if we don’t remember Thorsten Heins ever taking swings at the competition, as other smartphone manufacturer execs do nowadays, you can always count on BlackBerry’s CEO to reveal interesting things in his talks with the media.

Most recently, Heins has spilled the beans on Z10 and Q10’s follow-ups, saying there will probably be four different BlackBerry phones launched during 2013. Of course, everything the CEO reveals is carefully planned ahead, so we can assume he wants to build hype mostly on BB’s next flagship device.

This is slated for a release near the holidays and is described as “really exciting” by BlackBerry’s CEO. There are no solid details or specs relating to the phone, but it should take “BlackBerry 10 to another level in terms of the user experience”.

So we have the Z10, the soon to be launched Q10, which by the way Heins says will hit markets two to three months after the Z10, and this mystery flagship. Which leaves us with one empty stop in the line-up.

This will be taken up by an equally as mysterious, but less exciting product, only described as mid-tier for now. A wild guess? It’s going to be another QWERTY keyboard-toting phone, maybe lower-end and cheaper than the Q10.


<Source: CNet>

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