The Cintiq 13HD Provides Creativity at Your Fingertips

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WACOM TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, CORP. LOGOThe Wacom Cintiq 13HD interactive pen display is aimed at creative professionals working in areas such as design, art and image editing. The new Cintiq features a 13-inch HD screen, an adjustable stand and an improved Pro Pen for a digital workflow that feels just like drawing or painting with traditional media. Offering a natural experience, the Cintiq 13HD is easily integrated into any environment, making it an ideal tool to support creativity and enhance productivity.

Perfect for professional artists, graphics designers and photographers, the Cintiq 13HD ‘s best-in-class screen displays 16.7 million colors to ensure crisp color quality.  In addition, the wide-format HD LED display’s 178° viewing angle and 1920×1080 resolution are particularly beneficial to those working with intricate graphics or images. The stand is optimized for use in a choice of four settings – flat, 22°, 35° and 50°.

Wacom Cintiq FeatureAs with all Wacom interactive pen displays, the Cintiq 13HD enables users to create directly on screen for a seamless process that feels natural and speeds production.  Offering 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity as well as tilt recognition, the new and improved cordless and battery-free Pro Pen delivers superior comfort, precision and control. To further improve workflow and productivity, frequently used shortcut commands are available at the user’s fingertips.

The new Cintiq 13HD is priced at $999.95 (USD) and is scheduled to be available in early April at Wacom’s eStore and other select retailers.


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