Here We Go Again: Motorola X Rumored to Come With 4.8-Inch Screen and Snapdragon 800 CPU

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Only two weeks have passed since the last (sort of) credible rumor about the upcoming Motorola X Phone hit the web and now there’s a new story that basically changes everything.

This time around, the X is said to be a 4.8-incher with a quad-core 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and a display made of sapphire glass. The display size is not too far off from previous rumors (4.7 or 5 inches), but the CPU’s model is a whole different story.

Last we heard, Moto’s (or better yet, Google’s) X Phone was supposed to be powered by NVIDIA’s yet to be released Tegra 4i. Then again, the packing of a Snapdragon 800 would make more sense, as Qualcomm has become much more reliable than NVIDIA at least in terms of very quickly mass producing high-tech chips.

As for the whole sapphire glass panel, that’s also in conflict with early rumors, but it again makes sense. The new material is said to make the phone three times harder to crack than Gorilla Glass and who wouldn’t want that?

There are a couple of other juicy things reported by the latest “inside source”, including a whopping 4,000 mAh battery, water resistance, a back made of carbon fiber (no Kevlar?) and a November ETA. Only, you know, handle with caution as we have no way to know if the X Phone is or will ever be real.


<Source: Phone Arena>

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