Might Google be rethinking its position on Google Reader?

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Over at the Digital Reader, Nate had a good catch. The “Reader” item on the menu bar, which had vanished last week, is now back. Here’s a shot of it on my computer:

Might this be an indication that the outcry over the demise of the RSS reader is having an effect? It’s far to early to make any predictions, but I certainly hope so.

It would be a good decision. Anger over Google Reader has cast a pall over Keep, Google’s new notetaking app. Every article I’ve read (including the one I wrote) expressed hesitation over using it because we can’t know when/if it would go away. Killing a service with the popularity of Reader has led to a distrust of Google services in general. I know people who are moving away from Gmail and Calendar because of it.

Not that I think either of those services are in any danger of being killed, but losing trust like that is never a good thing for a company. Not killing Reader won’t restore it entirely, but it would definitely help.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. How about you?

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