Spotify to Add Video Streaming, Introduces New Ads (Videos)

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Aimed to compete against Netflix, Amazon and other video-streaming resources, Spotify will expand it’s horizons by rolling out an on-demand video streaming segment to it’s services. The world’s most popular music streaming app is planning to offer exclusive content, along with movies and television shows.

In the past, Spotify has provided listeners with exclusive audio interviews and live music performances from featured musician and artists. With that idea, the company feels a similar approach to video will not only make for an easy transition, but can prove to be profitable for the growing  company. This could in turn give Spotify a major voice in the media industry and we may potentially see more editorial content from the app.

There’s no name for the video service just yet. But we’re expecting more details to reveal themselves sooner than later. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out some new Spotify ads (they’re pretty good.)

<Source: SAI>

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