Digg’s Google Reader Replacement Will Be Available July 1

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We filled you in a few short weeks ago about Google Reader’s unfortunate demise planned for the near future and also, various RSS feed apps to replace Google’s when the time comes. Although as of Monday, there’s been some question as to whether the company will actually shut down the service, most notably, social news website, Digg has been working on a viable option.

This morning, the company released some new information detailing their RSS reader and announced it’s expected date to hit the web, July 1 — the same day Google has planned to cease Reader’s service.

Digg’s RSS feed reader will feature super speed, live updating and can be synced across devices. The company is encouraging readers to contact them with their input and suggestions to help create the best RSS reader from scratch. They hope Google Reader users will provide areas of improvement, where Digg’s reader will take the best parts of Google’s service without any of the detracting aspects.

Don’t worry, it’ll be easy to import your Google Reader account into Digg’s software. If you’re a sworn user like myself, add your two cents. Check out Digg’s blog post on the subject and learn how you can reach out to the company and help make the greatest RSS feed host available.

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